Best Self Defense Weapons 2018

The ever rising cases of robbery and sexual assault continue to be a serious concern, especially for women. In 2015, there were 90,000 rape incidents reported in the US. That is an astonishing figure especially when you break it down to the number of occurrences of rape per day. This means that having a self-defense weapon is not just important while you are at home but also while you are going about your day to day business outdoors.

One of the weapons that many women think of buying for self-defense is a gun. While there is nothing wrong with carrying a gun, it is important to know that it is not the best self-defense weapon for all situations. For example, when the attacker is too close, it may not be possible to reach your gun in good time. At the same time, you are highly likely to injure yourself while attempting to discharge the gun.

What are the things to consider when choosing a self-defense weapon?


Your weapon will be your best friend when you get into a life threatening situation. This means that the weapon you choose has to reflect your preferences. So if you feel that a stun gun will protect you better, don’t settle for a knife, and vice versa. If you are into guns, find a gun with sufficient firepower.

Weapon specification

You should choose a weapon that you are able to handle well. The most important factors in this regard include ease of use, weight, length, damage, accuracy and effective range among others. As the wielder of the weapon, you should be in a position to effectively use the weapon in almost any situation.


Your skills are an important factor when choosing the best self-defense weapon. For example, nunchucks and whips are great for people who have learned how to use them through martial arts training.


Different states have different laws that govern the ownership and use of weapons. Make sure that you possess all the necessary licenses to avoid the risk of jail time or other legal sanctions. You also need to be conversant with all the weapon-related laws in your state.


A self-defense weapon that is too heavy or too large cannot be effective. An inconspicuous weapon is great because it makes it easy for you to surprise your attacker before they can cause any serious damage.

What are the best self-defense weapons for women & men?

Best Self-defense knives

Carrying a self-defense knife has its own unique advantages. They are easier to obtain and easier to conceal. It is also very difficult to snatch a knife from the person wielding it. At the same time, knives are not very restricted by laws. In many cases, the sight of a blade is enough to make your assailant turn and run.

Kershaw AM-5 knife ($55)

Al Mar Knives is one of the leading names when it comes to the production of top of the range knives. From the moment you pick it up, the Kershaw AM-5 will feel perfect for your hand. It’s opening system is assisted by SpeedSafe that has been developed by Kershaw. It’s knuckle-duster handle is ridged which makes it difficult to lose the knife. Simply put, the Kershaw AM-5 is a monster that your attacker will never see coming.

Best Self Defense Pens

Self-defense Pens come in handy (no pun intended) when you are in a tight situation. They are small and light enough to carry in your purse or bag. This is one of the best self-defense weapons to have for close range situations. Hopefully, you won’t ever have to use this self-defense pen but if you have to its easy and quick to draw. Read more about the best self-defense pens here.

Best Self-defense pepper spray

A pepper spray is one of the best self-defense weapons to carry. While walking on the street, you are not just susceptible to human attackers but also dogs and bears. A pepper spray contains a chemical that irritates the eyes, causing tears, breathing difficulty and temporary blindness. A pepper spray is not just easy to operate; it is also inexpensive compared to guns and pocket knives.

Sabre Red Pepper Spray

This pepper spray is worth every penny. It’s adjustable hand strap makes it easily accessible in an emergency situation. It has a long enough shelf life (4 years) which means that you don’t have to throw it away after a year of not using it. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor situations. There is also no risk of wind backflow when you deploy the spray outdoors.

Best Self-defense stun gun

This device uses electricity to immobilize an attacker in a dangerous situation. With a stun gun, you don’t have to worry about someone dying as it is non-lethal. Once you hold the trigger, it releases high-voltage electricity which incapacitates your attacker. It is a great alternative to carrying a firearm.

Terminator 15,000,000V ($10)

15 million volts is definitely nothing to play with. In addition to the extremely high voltage, the Terminator 15,000,000V produces an LED light that completely disorients your aggressor and allows you time to “finish the job”. For just $10, you feel safe while going about your business.